Sponsor Spotlight

Sponsor Spotlight

The Landings Company
Platinum Sponsor of Landlovers Foundation

The Landings Company’s mission is “….to maintain and enhance property values at The Landings.” They do that and so much more. The Landings Company was established in 1998, becoming The Landings Home Owners Association’s wholly owned real estate company. Their vision is to provide the best possible real estate services to buyers and sellers within our community. The health and maintenance of our community goes directly to the heart of the mission and vision of The Landings Company (TLCo).

TLCo posts home listings not only in MLS but also on Realtor.com, WallStreetJournal.com, and Zillow. TLCo also enjoys partnerships with GolfCourseHome.netPrivateCommunities.comIdealLiving.com and other national entities which allow it to attract buyers from all across our nation. TLCo actively seeks and attracts a wide cross section of buyer. TLCo offers unique Discovery Visits to The Landings allowing potential residents to fully experience our spectacular lifestyle and stunning environment.

TLCo is proudly active within The Landings community and the greater Savannah area. Its agents work and live in The Landings, and the company partners effectively with TLA and TLC to fulfill its mission.

When speaking with Raoul Rushin, President of The Landings Company, thank him for supporting Landlovers at the Platinum level. He and his staff understand not only our market but know how to market to a national market with the homeowner in mind.