Promoting Education for Landings Employees

The Landlovers Scholarship Fund is designed to assist Landings employees and their immediate dependent family members with expenses for post-high-school education. Scholarship grants are for tuition, books and school supplies. Applicants must be employees of The Landings Association or The Landings Company, their spouses or their dependent children.

Scholarships can be applied to tuition at a university or college, technical or vocational school or a special enrichment program.

To qualify for a scholarship each applicant must submit a written application telling about his or her academic background and future academic plans, as well as submit high school or post secondary school transcript.

Each scholarship applicant will also be interviewed by the Landlovers Foundation Scholarship Committee to discuss future plans and how the scholarship will help achieve their goals.

The required interview with the Scholarship Committee will follow the application deadline.

Funds will be paid directly to the chosen school following the student’s enrollment.

Please click below for the 5 page application which must be postmarked by April 16, 2021:

Our 2020-21 returning scholarship recipients include:

Tori Cook’s goal is to receive an esthetician license so she can provide the best solutions to clients’ skin problems, working in a spa, as a brand representative, or as a salon esthetician. Ultimately, she would like to manage her own salon and pursue a career as a beauty educator, going into the schools to share her knowledge and skills with aspiring estheticians. Tori will attend Leon’s Beauty School in the fall of 2020. A resident of Greensboro, NC, Tori is the daughter of The Landings Director of Security Tim Cook.

Hannah Henderson is currently a second-year Pharm.D. (graduate school) student at the University of Georgia’s College of Pharmacy, graduating in May, 2022. Her goal is to work in a community pharmacy because she feels that community pharmacists have the best opportunity to work with area residents on a daily basis and to help them understand their healthcare needs. A student with consistently outstanding grades, Hannah was a Zell Miller scholar during her undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia, receiving full tuition.  The daughter of Landings Association Controller Jessica Henderson, Hannah stated in this year’s Landlovers scholarship application that she “would love the opportunity to continue to make this scholarship board proud by putting their money into the investment of pharmacy in the future. “

Third-time Landlovers Scholarship applicant, Donovan Lewis is completing his sophomore year at Norwich University, majoring in Business Administration. Definitely created to be a basketball player, he was recruited by several Division I, II, and III colleges and chose Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont, for its terrific technology curriculum. A member of the Norwich varsity basketball team since his freshman year, he has been an asset to the team.  Should his dream of playing in the NBA not come to pass, Donovan will be prepared to own a computer technology company. Donovan’s mom is Landings Association Communications Manager Lynn Lewis, a 20-year employee of The Landings Association.

Hunter McDowell is completing his fourth year at Mercer University as a Biology/Pre-Pharmacy major. The first in his family to attend college, his ultimate goal is to obtain a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences and be able to study in a path that can help everyone within his community. In this year’s scholarship application (his fourth consecutive), Hunter states, “I want to enrich the lives of the people around me by providing them the excellent care they deserve, all made possible by the education this scholarship continues to grant me access to.” Hunter is the son of Landings Association Community Development Representative Sabrina McDowell, a 23-year employee of the TLA Community Relations Department.

2020-21 First-time recipients are:

Currently a Floater in The Landings Environmental Department, Gabriel Browne aspires to learn the technical skills that will lead to a degree in Applied Sciences. His goal is to obtain an electrician’s license and then locate a position in the field so that he can learn the “ins and outs” of the business and eventually open his own electrical company. He says that “receiving a scholarship would show that not only is my community willing to invest in me but provide me the opportunity to live up to the standard of someone deserving that generosity.” Gabriel plans to attend Savannah Technical College with a focus on Applied Science.

Elijah Hires has been a Street Sweeper with The Landings Public Works Department for two years. He would now like to attend Savannah Technical College to receive a Class A Commercial Truck Driving License so that he can better serve in his current position, but also to advance his career to more beneficial positions in the future.  In his application, Elijah stated that a Landlovers scholarship would build his confidence in the workforce and push him to do things he is not currently familiar with.

With a Class A Commercial Truck Driving License, from Savannah Technical College, Gregory King will be able to import and export heavy equipment, as needed. This certification will help him better himself for his family, as well as for his job. He will also share the knowledge and expertise he receives and teach others what he has learned. Gregory is currently a Construction Specialist with the Construction Department.

In the year that Cory Palm has worked as a Forklift Driver at The Landings Harbor Marina, he has learned many things about the operations of a boating facility. This unique experience has shown him how fragile our aquatic environment is. He would like to become a certified diver so that he can assist in the underwater operations of the Marinas and also to discover the life of coral reefs and how to save the ocean. This certification is available through The SCUBA Shack.

Soon to be graduated from Richmond Hill High School, Briana Sanchez aspires to become a pediatric nurse.  She wants to attend either Georgia Southwestern University or Georgia Southern University, which both have a Nursing Simulation Center, critical for providing hands-on experience in real-life situations ranging from births to pediatrics to adult patients.  In her applications, Briana stated that receiving a Landlovers Scholarship would help her to use her nursing skills to promote fellowship and ultimately give back to her community.  Briana is the step-daughter of Landings Community Development Manager Erin Schumacher.