Landlovers Foundation Scholarships are open to employees of The Landings Association, The Landings Company and to their spouses and dependent children. 

Scholarships can be applied to tuition at a university or college, technical or vocational school or a special enrichment program. 

To qualify for a scholarship each applicant must submit a written application telling about his or her academic background and future academic plans, as well as submit high school or post secondary school transcript.  

Each scholarship applicant will also be interviewed by the Landlovers Foundation Scholarship Committee to discuss future plans and how the scholarship will help achieve their goals.  

The required interview with the Scholarship Committee will follow the application deadline.  

Funds will be paid directly to the chosen school following the student’s enrollment.

Please click below for the 5 page application which must be postmarked by March 2, 2020: 

2020-2021 Landlovers Scholarship Application