Our Board and Chairs

Officers and Directors

President: Chris Lanigan (LandloversPres@gmail.com)

Vice President: Tim Forbes (vplandlovers@gmail.com)

Secretary: Deb Werner  (LandloversBoardSecretary@gmail.com)

Treasurer: Don Wurzel (landloverstreasurer@gmail.com)

Assistant Treasurer: Steve Voss (landloverstreasurer@gmail.com)

Other Directors & Chairs

Communications Director: Pam McCloskey (landloverscommunications@gmail.com)

Communications Director: Julia Harrell (landloverscommunications@gmail.com)

Development Director: Betsey Andersen (betsey.andersen@gmail.com)

Membership Director:  Vicki Knapp (vickiknapp47@gmail.com)

Activities Director: Judy Faraklas (landloversactivities2021@gmail.com)

Activities Director: Eileen Yost (landloversativities2021@gmail.com)

A Plant Based Production: Simone Heyman (simoneheymanwfpb@gmail.com)

Bunco: Dianne  Bloom (thewinelady2005@yahoo.com), Barbara Capes (b_capes@comcast.net)

Coastal Georgia Living: Donna Bunn (donnabunn@gmail.com)

Cocktails with Friends: Becky Dominguez (beckydom61@aol.com), Connie Rice (csrice1948@gmail.com)

Community Service:  Carol Stiles (carolstiles@gmail.com), Sue Souls (smsouls@gmail.com)

GTO-Girls Time Out: Jane Pelehach or Judy Faraklas (LLgirlstimeout@gmail.com)

Just Dance: Marilee Dalbey (marileedalbey@gmail.com)

Ladies Swiss Pairs Bridge: Karen Sellick (ksellick@bellsouth.net), Carol Young (chsy@comcast.net), Bobbi Erwin (berwin234@aol.com)

LL Canasta: Dianne Bloom (thewinelady2005@yahoo.com)

LL Ladies Nine Holers: Jan Rosenbaum (landloverladies9@gmail.com)

Magpie Ladies: Rebecca Walling (rebeccawalling85@yahoo.com)

Marco Polo Club: Sue Souls (LLMarcoPolo100@gmail.com)

Material Girls: Janet Smart (maxwellsgal@aol.com), Sandra Grant (sandragrant07@comcast.net), Donna Nichol (dkn777@aol.com)

Men’s Action Movies: Dave Robinson (dave.robinson16@gmail.com)

Men’s Lunch Group: Rick Armstrong, John Holmquist (llmenslunchgroup@gmail.com)

Mexican Train Dominoes: Laurie Milano (lamilano@aol.com)

Modern Bridge: Marianne Claysmith (claysmith2@aol.com)

Photography Club: Amy Collings (landloversphotoclub@gmail.com)

Shall We Dance: Marilee Dalbey (marileedalbey@gmail.com), Jane Golz (golzjane@gmail.com)

Singles Co-ed Book Group: Marianne Claysmith (claysmith2@aol.com)

Stitch and Bead: Leslie Mathews (lmathews50@gmail.com)

Trolley to the Arts: Marilee Dalbey (marileedalbey@gmail.com), Jane Golz (golzjane@gmail.com)

Socials Director: Milli Sample (landloversocials@gmail.com)

Socials Director: Kathy Collura (landloversocials@gmail.com)

Opening Reception: Kathy Collura, Milli Sample (landloversocials@gmail.com)

Holiday Social: Kathy Collura, Milli Sample (landloversocial@gmail.com)

Winter Social: Laura Gebele (lgebele121@gmail.com), Nealy Madsen (mnmadsen2000@gmail.com), Holly Taylor (sweetbrook231@hotmail.com)

Closing Celebration: Kathy Collura, Milli Sample (landloversocials@gmail.com)

Ways and Means Director: Jane Golz (landloversfunding@gmail.com)

Ways and Means Director: Laurie Etherington (landloversfunding@gmail.com)

Auctionmania: Beverley Cox (bcox0610@yahoo.com), Cindy Altman (cynthia.altmaan@gmail.com)

Club Car Cart Raffle: Steve Geist (landloversfunding@gmail.com)

Games Day: Janice LoSasso (losassojanice@gmail.com), Jody Freeman (jbfree79@gmail.com)

Flea Market Pre-Intake: Mark Witbeck (fleamarketintake@gmail.com)

Flea Market Intake Days: Tim Forbes (vplandlovers@gmail.com)

Flea Market:
Operations:Tim Forbes (vplandlovers@gmail.com)
Marketing-print: Tina Dorward (tmdmktg@sbcglobal.net)
Marketing-external: Pat Dalbey (patrickdalbey@gmail.com)
Donations: Mark Witbeck (mark_witbeck@comcast.net)
Support Co-director: Bob Wood (rfwood56@gmail.com)
Support Co-director: Noreen Powell (npowell58@gmail.com)
Volunteers: Michele Simari (michelesimari@gmail.com)
Volunteers: Julia Harrell (julia.harrell@comcast.net)

Toys for Tots Holiday Cart Parade: Karen Duncan (khome44@gmail.com)

Other VIPS

Scholarships & Merit Awards Committee Chair:  Maryce Cunningham (marycejcunningham@yahoo.com)

Website: Kenna Kinsey (landingslandlovers@gmail.com)

Photographer: John Ufford (jcufford@gmail.com)

Events Portal: John and Kerry Ufford (jcufford@gmail.com)