Our Board and Chairs

Officers and Directors

President: John Ufford (603.520.6188 or jcufford@gmail.com)

Vice President: Marian Mackle (404.290.9760 or marian.mackle@aol.com)

Secretary: Maureen Mezei (401.545.0561 or bellis1952@gmail.com)

Treasurer: Beth Holmquist (248.420.3929 or bmholmquist@yahoo.com)

Assistant Treasurer: Lee Snyder (845.642.5445 or cpsnyder2@verizon.net)

Other Directors & Chairs

Communications Director: Lynn Stephens (228.5383 or lynn@skidawaystephens.com)

Communications Director: Mary Duffy (973.809.7361 or marymclduffy@gmail.com)

Development Director:  Connie Kulp (336.406.9722 or or cpkulp1@gmail.com)

Membership Director:  Cindy Altman (203.520.3898 or landloversmembership@gmail.com)

Activities Director: Laurie Milano (914.474.4943 or lamilano@aol.com)

Activities Director: Mary Schmidt (598.3002 or schmidt4nd@gmail.com)

Bridging the Gap: Susan Schneider (912.433.8711)

Bunco: Rebecca Walling (908.229.1835), Eileen Yost (973.255.0580)

Community Service:  Carol Stiles (349.9977), Sue Souls (713.502.6094), Rebecca Walling (908.229.1835)

Food, Friends & Fun: Gayle Ridgway (508.922.7539)

GrandKids Equipment: Cathy Lynn (598.0745)

Green Thumb Garden Club: Kate Kastner (999.6564), Donna Bunn (513.317.3976)

GTO-Girls Time Out: Eileen Yost (973.255.0580), Judy Faraklas (484.833.3375)

Ladies Breakfast: Laurie Lacher (770.841.6716), Jane Martin (404.702.9210)

Ladies Swiss Pairs Bridge: Karen Sellick (598.8904), Carol Young (598.9201), Bobbi Erwin (598.0594)

Lucky Canasta: Jean Kovaleski (610.657.1772), Georgia Klautzer (314.239.3299)

Magpie Ladies: Rebecca Walling (908.229.1835)

Marco Polo Club: Sue Souls (713.502.6094), Deb Wilson (908.342.5855)

Material Girls: Janet Smart (757.334.3907), Sandra Grant (598.9294)

Men’s Action Movies: Dave Robinson (657.7706)

Men’s Lunch Group: Dick Hughey (657.9585), Jim Smart (757.334.3040), Rick Armstrong (912.349.6358)

Photography Club: Amy Collings (598.9745)

Singles Co-ed Book Group: Ray Arnold (334.750.0282), Marianne Claysmith (505.670.2454)

Stitch and Bead: Leslie Mathews (616.550.7057)

TrainLovers: Bob Miller (598.1793)

Travel Club:  Tonnie Glick (598.8810)

Socials Director: Margy Hatch (203.249.1469 or margymhatch@gmail.com)

Socials Director: Kerry Ufford (401.529.5108 or kerryufford@gmail.com)

Opening Reception: Margy Hatch (203.249.1469), Bonnie Kelly (303.408.1044), Kerry Ufford (349.3048)

Holiday Cocktail Party:  Kerry Ufford (401.529.5108), Margy Hatch (203.249.1469)

Winter Social: Karen Duncan (973.809.5074)

Closing Event: Karen Duncan (973.809.5074)

Ways and Means Director: Gail Tomassini (LL2020WaysandMeans@gmail.com)

Ways and Means Director: Chris Lanigan (210.4499 or LL2020WaysandMeans@gmail.com)

Flea Market Pre-Intake: Gail Tomassini (fleamarketintake@gmail.com)

Games Day: Eileen Yost (973.255.0580)

Flea Market Intake Days: Rib Rubin (215.850.1707)

Flea Market: Rib Rubin (215.850.1707)

Auctionmania: Maureen Mezei (401.545.0561)

Skyway Capital Markets Pro-Am Raffle: Gail Tomassini (kornferry2020@gmail.com)

Other VIPS

Scholarships & Merit Awards:  Maryce Cunningham (335.1717 or marycejcunningham@yahoo.com)

Website: Kenna Kinsey (598.8107 or landingslandlovers@gmail.com)

Photographer: Jayne Rogers (203.273.9776 or jmrogers341@gmail.com)

Events Portal: Liz Sampson (703.867.4797 or lizsampson1@gmail.com)