Opening Reception

By bhadmin on August 15, 2012


President’s Message

Operating with the utmost of caution in these difficult times and adhering to the recommendations from the CDC, the Landlovers board has decided to delay the September 24th Opening Reception until later in this calendar year.

Landlovers’ mission is to promote fellowship through social and cultural activities while working toward the continued improvement of community life at The Landings through its philanthropic efforts. Your board will continue to support charities on the island, so we urge you to renew your membership either by using the online form ( or by tubing a printed membership form ( to Cindy Altman (14 Mercer Road, Savannah, GA 31411). A significant portion of your $30.00 membership will be utilized to support the nonprofit organizations and charities of interest to Landings residents. These are difficult times, as the COVID pandemic has created even greater needs for charity. So, please consider donating additional funds. It’s easy, just use the donate button on our home page (

In addition to exciting social events planned for later in the year (outdoors and socially distant as required), our volunteers are planning activities for your participation. You can view a description of the activity starting dates on our webpage ( We are still looking for individuals to start a walking and a biking activity. If you are interested, please contact our Activity Directors, Laurie Milano and Mary Schmidt at

It saddens us to delay the Opening Reception, but we look forward to welcoming you to our future events.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Warm Regards,
John Ufford

When: Rescheduled date will be publicized in the newsletter
Contact:  Margy Hatch ( or Kerry Ufford (