Flea Market Pre-Intake

Do you have household items that need a new home?  The solution is at hand via Landlovers!  Anything you’d donate to the annual Flea Market can be taken NOW!  Now, not just before Intake Days in February.  Anything that normally is donated (not only furniture, but any household items) can be donated now.  Just send an email to www.fleamarketintake@gmail.com, and arrangements will be made for collection of your unwanted items.  These items will immediately by auctioned locally with the proceeds to benefit Landlovers Foundation.  That’s a Win/Win all around! 


Landings Landlovers Preintake Donation Guidelines

  • Landlovers is working with Liberty Auctions for preintake donations. Donated items can include all things collected during intake for the flea market. Plus bigger items, such as washer/dryers.  If you are unsure just ask!!
  • Landlovers will take requests via email
  • On Mondays, any requests from previous week will be forwarded to Liberty Auction, who will contact and schedule visits with donors
  • If there are items that may be desirable by Auctionmania, Auctionmania will be contacted by Intake Coordinator….if a visit is warranted, it needs to be completed prior to Liberty Auction visit
  • Liberty Auction will determine what they can sell and make arrangements for pickup. Their decisions are final.
  • Liberty Auction will have a letter to sign when picking up items that will state that the donor is in agreement that all proceeds from the auction will be forwarded to Landlovers Foundation as a donation
  • If requested the Intake coordinator will provide donation forms for tax purposes.
  • Email fleamarketintake@gmail.com

Thank you in advance for your generosity!!

Pre-intake letter