Providing Philanthropic Support for Non-profit Groups and Service Organizations

The Landings Landlovers was established in 1974.  Its purpose is to promote fellowship through social and cultural activities while working towards the continued improvement of community life at The Landings and Skidaway Island.  Our goal is to provide philanthropic support through Landlovers Foundation for non-profit groups and service organizations that provide cultural, educational and other services, projects and/or programs for us to enjoy, tend to our health and safety, and beautify and improve our environment. The intent is to fund programs/projects and services that would not be possible without our grant funding.

Grant requests are prioritized based on two primary factors.  The first factor is the impact the proposed program/project or service would have on the residents of Skidaway Island.  The second factor is the importance the Landlovers grant would be to implementing the proposed program/project or service.

All grant applicants must be a non-profit or service organization with a commitment to volunteerism.  Applications will not be accepted for individual requests, travel expenses, salaries, stipends, general operating costs or political or religious activities.  The deadline for applications is March 21, 2023.   Any organization which has not completed its grant evaluation for any previous year’s funding will not be considered for a grant.  For further information, please contact Chris Lanigan (

Landlovers Grants are distributed in May.

Categories for Landlovers Grants are:
1. Cultural and educational services or programs for adults and children
2. Nature and environmental projects or programs
3. Health and safety projects or programs

Criteria for receiving Landlovers Grants are:
1. Organizations must be a non-profit whose proposed program/project or service benefits or supports Skidaway Island or its residents.
2. Applications will not be accepted for individual requests, travel expenses, salaries, stipends, general operating costs or political or religious activities.
3. If funding has been granted in a previous year, a description of any previous year’s grant and the status of the supported program must be submitted prior to any new application being considered.
4. All grants are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors of Landlovers Foundation and compliance with the provisions of the organization’s charter and bylaws.

Grant applications and evaluations are to be submitted online by March 21, 2023.  Click on the button below.

2021-2022 Grant Recipients

Audubon Owl Cam: Funding will be used to replace the main camera at the urging of The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, with whom we have a longstanding partnership agreement. Camera operators are finding that the best camera at the site is making noise when it is moved – enough noise to bother the owls. Replacing that camera is necessary so that the owls will continue to choose this nest.

Boy Scouts of America, Troop 57: They will increase the size of a cement slab for the pavilion built behind the SI Community Church. They will also purchase camping gear, including new tents and cooking gear..



Bright Eye-deas: Funding will be used to maintain their website, providing information for members to regain as much independence as possible.




Coastal Conservation Association (CCA): Funds are used to stock the kids’ fishing lagoon, provide fish food, place structures in the lagoon to improve fish habitat and sponsor a free Kids’ Fishing Derby. They will also engage fishery professionals to help with electro-fishing to evaluate the fish population.


Coastal Heritage Society Pinpoint: Funding will purchase new exterior light poles to make the area around the museum safer and more conducive to after-hour events and programs. Two of the four exterior light poles have already rusted through and were taken down for safety concerns and the remaining two will be taken down soon as well. Four new light poles will create a well-lit space that is safe for events and group programs.

Landings Military Relief Fund: Funding provides scholarships to benefit active duty military personnel and their spouses, the Warrior Transition Unit which provides support for soldiers suffering traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries, food voucher programs, single soldier activities and emergency assistance.


St. Joseph’s/Candler Foundation: Funding will support the non-billable Nurse Navigator Program at the Lewis Cancer and Research Pavilion. Nurse Navigators assist cancer patients along the complete disease continuum of care by addressing several key areas: access to care, education about the disease, facilitation of communication between providers, assuring that supportive and clinical services occur in a timely manner.

Salvation Army: Funding provides support for The Salvation Army’s general programming to serve those most in need in Savannah. This grant would allow the program to financially invest in clients, eliminating barriers and addressing the immediate crisis they are facing. The process of removing barriers for clients allows them to focus on their family’s long-term success and not just day-to- day survival.



Skidaway Audubon: Funding will provide signage on pollinator gardens established by Audubon on TLC golf courses and TLA irrigated areas. There are currently 11 gardens and 4-5 more are expected to be planted within the next year.


Skidaway Island Division of Chatham Fire: Funding will purchase equipment that will protect its firefighters from accident and cancer causing particles, including higher quality fire boots, gloves, hats, helmet lights, high visibility jackets and training equipment..



TLA Security: Funding will be used to purchase new trail cameras and necessary supplies.




Toys for Tots: Funding will be used for gifts for adolescents and to supplement collection shortfalls in specific age groups.