Fundraisers are the hallmark of Landlovers

We provide support for non-profit groups and service organizations as well as scholarship opportunities for TLA and TLCO employees and their dependents. In addition, Community Service Merit Awards are provided to deserving college-bound high school seniors living at The Landings. All of the money is raised by members – volunteers who organize a variety of events to fund these philanthropic endeavors.

Our Ways and Means Team is already planning our fundraisers for next year; Games Day in January, and the Flea Market and Auctionmania in March.  We’ll also be participating in The Club Car Championship at The Landings Club.  To volunteer for these events contact Steve Terrio and Hal Carr at  Of course you can always help by making a cash donation to Landlovers  (See the donate button above.)


Flea Market                       $36,661
Auctionmania                    $17,720
Games Day & Raffle         $  4,378
Sonsorships/Donations  $27,963

TOTAL                              $ 86,721

Thanks to everyone who volunteered for our fundraisers-there were over 800 you!  We could not have done it without you!

2022/2023 Fundraiser Events

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