The Landings Landlovers was established in 1974.  Its purpose is to promote fellowship through social and cultural activities while working towards the continued improvement of community life at The Landings and on Skidaway Island.  Our goal of contributing to this improvement is accomplished by philanthropic support for non-profit groups, service to community organizations and scholarship opportunities for Landings employees.  In addition, community service merit awards are provided to deserving college-bound high school seniors living at The Landings.

The Landings Landlovers will be allocating funds to aid island services.  All applicants must be a non-profit organization and have a commitment to volunteerism.  Applications will not be accepted for individual requests, travel expenses, salaries, stipends, operating costs or political or religious activities.  The deadline for applications is April 1, 2019.   Any organization which has not completed their grant evaluation for the previous year’s funding will not be considered for a grant.  For further information, please contact Wyndie Eberle (912.349.5915 or

Landlovers Grants are distributed in May at the end of Landlovers’ year.  The monies have been raised by fundraising activities held by members of Landlovers.  Some examples of these activities are: Flea Market, Auctionmania, Artisan Market and Gourmet Pantry, Tour of Homes, Garden Tour and the sale of T-shirts, hats and visors.

Categories for Landlovers Grants are:
1.  Social services for adults and children
2.  Nature projects: flora and fauna
3.  Health and safety projects
4.  Educational and cultural projects
5.  Other projects

Criteria for receiving Landlovers Grants are:
1.  Organizations must be non-profit and have a commitment to
2.  Applications will not be accepted for individual request, travel
expenses, salaries, stipends, operating costs or political or
religious activities.
3.  If funding is granted, an evaluation must be submitted by January 10, 2020.

Landings Landlovers Foundation Grant Evaluation 2018

Landings Landlovers Foundation Grant Application 2018-2019